Come Drink With Me

The word martial art comes from the Chinese word Wu-xia; wu meaning martial or combat, and xia meaning art or technique. Essentially, it’s a literal translation to martial arts. Wu-xia films usually consist of swordplay and fantasy. Meanwhile, Kung-fu is another type of martial art film that consists of mostly kick boxing. I think it’s safe to say that Come Drink With Me is, both, a kung-fu and wu-xia film, but it has mostly wu-xia elements to it. Many of the fight scenes consisted of swordplay.

I feel like the film wasn’t intended to be as funny as I thought it was. I’m not sure if I found it to be so funny because it was in a different language, so maybe the translation came across sounding very weird and not as natural as it would have sounded if it were in English. Or maybe it’s just such an old movie that seeing certain ways they acted, filmed, and cut things came across as cheesy because technology has advanced so much. No matter the reason, I definitely got tons of good laughs from the film; something I wasn’t expecting would happen.


Since the editing wasn’t the best in the world, I think the abrupt cuts from action to person made it funny to watch because you were only able to see their reactions of getting hurt for a split second before it cut to a different shot. Additionally, the way some of the fighting scenes were edited made it look funny. For example, I noticed that a lot of those scenes appeared to be sped up, so it was funny watching everyone run and jump around quicker than normal. It kind of reminded me of those jumping jelly bean toys. Haha. The other thing that made it seem unrealistic and funny was the “gory” scenes. The blood was obviously fake; it was way too thick and red to be actual blood. Nevertheless, I thought this was a pretty good film. The action scenes were well played out. The gongs, drums, bells, etc. during the fighting scenes added to the drama.


The only thing that I wonder is how people reacted to it when it was first screened. It would be cool to know if people found it comedic, like me, or if they took it more seriously.



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