Dragon Inn

Kung-Fu movies were never my go-to genre, but after watching a few kung-fu films, I’ve noticed that they’re pretty comedic due to the way they’re edited. However, it seems as though this one wasn’t as funny as Come Drink With Me. I think I actually liked this film more than Come Drink With Me just because I felt like it was more realistic in a way. I feel like the editing in Come Drink With Me was a bit rougher than in Dragon Inn, which allowed the cuts to be less “jumpy” or “sudden,” so the scenes were a lot smoother, which took out some of the unneeded comedy. One of the things that I wasn’t a huge fan of was the fact that every death scene was so dramatic and unrealistic. I remember one scene, the guy literally threw his sword on the ground, then just walked forward a few steps, then fell. I mean, I thought it was pretty funny because of how unrealistic it looked, but it makes me wonder if that’s how the creators of the film intended for it to look like.


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