Painted Skin

painted-skinAs I watch more King Hu films, I begin to notice many changes. One of the biggest things I noticed about his earlier films that isn’t as present in his newer films is that the kung fu and fighting scenes are less prevalent. In his earlier projects, I felt like his films were focused on the action, and the storylines weren’t as strong. However, I feel like with his newer projects, it’s the complete opposite; his storylines are stronger, while the action is lacking, but I actually don’t mind it. It’s as if his films are maturing as he gets older too. Another thing that I can really appreciate about this film is the fact that the editing is so much better and smoother. There aren’t a bunch of random jump cuts, so I feel like that kind of added to the reasoning of why it seems less comedic than his earlier films as well. For me, a lot of the jump cuts in his earlier films were at moments where the characters were making funny faces or making some weird noise or something, so it was hilarious seeng it cut from one funny looking/sounding thing to another. In conclusion, I thought this a pretty good film and I feel like I’ve been enjoying his newer stuff more than his older films. paintedskin3



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