Raining in the Mountain

Raining in the Mountain was much more enjoyable for me. I loved the quality of the film. Compared to Legend of the Mountain, I think it was much more technologically advanced. Additionally, I saw a lot of King Hu’s original elements in this film than in Legend of the Mountain, which I can appreciate. For example, when he would use the intense drumming during action scenes or during scenes where he wanted to make things more dramatic. I felt like a lot of the background music added to the drama and suspense of the film. The long, POV shots that he chose to use went very well with the dramatic music he would play in the background. It added to the mystery of things and built up the tension. Overall, I thought he did a great job with tying together the sound and visual elements of this film.image-w856king-hu-raining-in-the-mountain-exposition-cinematheque-francaise-blog-du-grand-hotel-dore


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